Finally Meeting April

I couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived.

My wife was out of town visiting her sister, the kids were away at college and I was finally going to meet up with the woman that I had been speaking to online for nearly a month now.
We had met by pure chance while I was sat in my private study watching some amateur webcam girls performing on the small screen before me and suddenly an advertisement for a chat forum had appeared at the side. Cursing, I had gone to click the icon off, hating the fact that my evening with my amateur webcam girls was being disrupted only for the screen to shift so that I clicked on the link itself. Cursing, not loud enough for my wife to hear, I was about to cancel the site when I had seen the numerous pictures of the young women on it and intrigued I had investigated further. Which is when I had met April Jacobs. There is no way to describe the excitement I had felt as I had awoken that morning, my mind racing as I washed, shaved and then dressed in what I hoped was going to make me look good. It was fair to say that I was extremely nervous.
April Jacobs, the woman that I was meeting, was in her early twenties while I was forty-five, nearly twice her age.
As if the difference in our ages wasn’t enough, the pictures that she had sent me showed that she was like something out of my wildest dreams; blue eyes like the sky on a summers day, long platinum blonde hair and a body to die for. I won’t deny for one minute that I hadn’t spent many, many hours since our conversations had turned from chatting to mild flirting to full on live sex chat, masturbating as I had stared at the images she had sent, hoping against hope that she really looked like the photos.

If I am one hundred per cent honest, I never expected her to want to meet me, after all, I had told her my age and she had seen my photo and knew that I was married. I had thought that she was just having a bit of fun with me and I had gone along with it regardless, more than a little flattered by the attention. Even if it had been false.

You can imagine my surprise when she had asked to meet me. I had thought she was joking, that this was just another aspect of whatever game she was playing on this middle-aged man.
Yet she had been serious and so out meet had been arranged.
It had taken me an hour to drive from my home to the pre- arranged meeting spot, me wanting to ensure that it was somewhere that friends of my wife were unlikely to frequent and en-route I had changed my mind nearly fifty times as to whether I should go through with this. After all, I was a father to two almost grown children and a loyal husband of fifteen years.

I also held down a respectable position working for my local school, teaching English Language to kids that didn’t give a shit. There was so much to lose it was almost not funny.
Yet each time I had considered turning the car around, I had pictured the two photographs that April had emailed me of her in her bikini on the beach and I had kept driving onwards.

By the time I reached the meeting place, my mind was in turmoil and for some time I simply sat in the car, wondering if I could really do this, if I could really cheat on my wife with somebody. A chuckle had escaped me as the truth of the situation dawned on me. What was I thinking? There was going to be no cheating! The chances were the woman that I had been talking to was not even going to be there and even if she was she would not look like the images that she had sent me. No, I would go inside, take a quick scout around for the sake of curiosity and then leave. Nodding as if to convince myself, I got out of my car and entered the family burger joint where we had arranged to meet. For a moment, I stood in the foyer surrounded by the colourful plastic trimmed tables of the franchise, plastic plants sprouting up from every available space and balloons dangling in the air. Quickly sidestepping to avoid being trampled by a tsunami of shrieking and laughing children, I stepped further into the restaurant, my eyes narrowing as I scanned the tables for any sign of the woman that I had come to meet. I grimaced as I realised that the only woman who was there alone was at least 300lbs and dressed from head to toe in pink velour, her mouth working like a machine as her pudgy hands shovelled the remains of a burger between her greasy lips.

Swallowing, feeling disgusted by the sight and more than a little disheartened that I had been duped into driving all this way to meet someone that looked nothing like her pictures, I swatted at a plastic plant with a hand and turned on my heel to leave. “Going so soon?”

I froze as the slender, blonde woman in the denim shorts and gypsy top blocked my path, a perfectly plucked eyebrow rising up towards her platinum hair as she held my gaze, her soft red lips turning into a smile.

“Oh my God!” I was stunned, “April…it’s you!”
She nodded, raising the milkshake that she was holding to her lips, the red and white striped straw sliding between them. For a moment, I stood in shock and disbelief as she held my gaze, sucking hard on the straw, her blue eyes locked to mine. She sighed and moved the carton away as a hollow, slurping sound came from it, “Mmmm that was good”
“It was?” I asked, feeling stupid but unsure what else to say.

“Uh-huh” April nodded, her tongue darting from her mouth to mop up a spot of milkshake from her bottom lip, “Devine”
I winced, realising that I was staring, “I’m John”
“Duh” she rolled her eyes, smiling, “I figured that much out” “OK” I nodded, feeling awkward in the face of this beauty. “Where were you going?” she asked, the eyebrow rising again, “I do hope you weren’t planning on running out on me, John!” “What…no…I was…” I struggled to find the words, hating how out of control this gorgeous young woman was making me feel. “Good” April stated, power in her voice, “I don’t like men that play games with me, John, understand”

“Yeah” I nodded, “Crystal clear”
For a second, we stood facing each other in silence, then she stepped closer, “You are better looking than I thought you would be, for an older guy I mean…better than your photo” “Thanks” I smiled, swallowing as her ample chest brushed mine. “So are we going to get out of her or are you going to buy me another milkshake?” April asked me suddenly and I frowned, unsure what to say. With a chuckle, she reached out with a finger, trailing it down my chest to trace the outline of my cock through my trousers, her ice blue eyes staring into mine, “You choose, either way I am going to need something to suck on”

I must have driven the hour journey back to my home in forty minutes, my previous concerns about people seeing us now gone in my urgency to be alone with this young woman alone. As I had driven at speed, she had sat beside me in my car, one hand resting upon my right leg, her fingers gently stroking me through my trousers. It is a wonder we didn’t crash and die. Pulling into my garage, I shut the door and turned to find April already walking through the entrance to my house.

Wiping a hand across my dry lips, I followed her, eyes latched to that small firm arse that was swaying before me, picturing all the things that I was going to do to this gorgeous young woman. “Hey gorgeous!” I hurried through the open doorway of my bedroom as she entered it and closed it behind me, dragging the slender blonde into an embrace, my mouth seeking hers. For a moment, we kissed, our tongues fighting in each other’s mouths and then I broke away from her, flashing what I hoped was a charming smile, “Are you ready for some fun?”

“Fuck yeah” she snarled, wrapping her arms about me and I felt a jolt of lust shoot through my groin as I felt her breasts press against my chest. Chuckling as I thought of how I was going to be enjoying them in a matter of minutes, I took a step back from her and began to undo my tie, casting it aside before I began to work on the buttons of my shirt.
In a matter of moments, I was naked and grinning, “Ready” The smile dropped off my face as she shook her head and stepped back, raising her hands before her perfect body, a mischievous look on her features, “Calm down…I have an idea” “You do?” I tried to sound enthusiastic but I was too horny for games, I just wanted to fuck her and have some fun.

Still smiling, she strode over to where the bed was, a hand gesturing to the white sheets, “Lay down stud”
Forcing a smile, I did as I was told, watching as my lover withdrew something from a pocket of her shorts and turned back to face me. I frowned as I studied what she was holding, then, “You have got to be fucking kidding me…handcuffs?” “Shut up moaning!” she chuckled, moving to stand beside me as she took my right wrist and attached it via the metal restraints to the bed post, “It’s my way or nothing tonight”

For a second, I considered telling her it was the highway but then I smelt her perfume and felt the press of her breasts on my face as she leaned over to fasten my left wrist to the bed. No, I was going to stay and fuck the arse of the little bitch. Smiling as I pictured her moaning beneath me, feeling my already hard cock stiffen as it lay against my stomach, I raised my head to watch as she secured my feet to the bedposts. Still smiling she moved to stand at the base of the bed, holding my gaze as she reached down and dragged her gypsy top off over her head, casting it aside with a flourish before peeling her shorts down. I cursed, lust slamming through me as I saw her breasts swing free and then my eyes were lowering to her shaven pussy, my smile broadening as I imagined sinking deep into it.

“Are you ready for the fun?” she smiled and I nodded at her. “You have no idea!”
“Really?” she cooed, eyes fluttering as she moved to squat on the bed with one leg over my cock, a finger sliding into herself as she licked her lips and stared at me, “Mmm, is this what you want…you dirty old bastard…is this what you want?”

“Oh fuck yeah” I nodded, praying you was going to impale herself on my erect meat, “Please…don’t tease me!”
“Aw poor baby” April chuckled and dropped down between my legs, her pretty face just inches from my hard cock, her breath hot on my skin. Lifting my head, I stared down my body at the blonde beauty, willing her to make the next move but she was having too much fun to relinquish her power so easily.
“Wow it certainly looks bigger than I had imagined” April cooed as she reached out with her fingers, wrapping them about my hard cock, “Do you want me to suck it?”

“Fuck yeah!” I nodded, head aching with the need for release. Without pausing, she opened her lips wide, lowering it down over my manhood, sucking me deep into her mouth. Even as I groaned in pleasure, she moved her head down, sucking one of my balls into her mouth before returning her first task as she worked her lips up and down my shaft, her hot tongue occasionally slipping out to coat my cock with reams of saliva. With a groan, I felt my balls tighten, the sign of my impeding Climax, but with a laugh April sat up, leaving me unattended and I cursed aloud, not believing what was happening, “No…finish me off…oh my God I was nearly there!”

With a chuckle, she clambered astride me, her lips fixing to mine as our tongues played tagged once more, and I moaned into her mouth as I felt the wet lips of her pussy slide over the swollen head of my cock. With a slight push of her hips, she was sliding down onto me like a hot, velvet glove and I groaned, my eyes rolling as she grasped at my shoulders and rose up once more. With a feral snarl she plunged back down, then up again, growling like an animal as she rode my hard cock like a demon, her tits buffeting against my face as they lurched between us. With a roar that must have scared my republican neighbours, April came hard, dousing the swollen head of my cock in her honey juices and I growled aloud, arching my back as I got ready to come with her, closing my eyes as the sensation drew nearer. Only to gasp in dismay as she slid off me and flopped down onto the bed at my side, a contented smile upon her perfect features as she gazed up at my shocked and dazed expression. “Wait…what…aren’t you going to finish me off?”

Her chuckle was dry and lusty, “Not this time, no”
“You heard me” she grinned, rising to begin dressing. Shaking my head, I frowned, “Wait…what’s going on?”
“If you want to earn the right to come in me then you have to meet me again…maybe then I will let you…deal?”

Sighing heavily, I nodded, my cock still pulsing.
It looked like I was addicted to April.
Thank God for amateur webcam girls and glitch computers.

Tips On Buying A Perfect Fleshlight Sex Toy

There are various problems that you may be faced with because of the fact that you most likely have no idea what Fleshlight is. You will see so many different sex toys that appear on the market with this name. However, what you might not realize is that this is basically a special brand in itself. It is a very bad idea to go online and just use the search feature to find such a masturbator. Too many anal and pussy sex simulators have this name in the title in order to get you to buy when the truth is that you do not actually receive the real thing.


You need to look for Fleshlight sex toys that are made out of silicone that is labeled “realistic feel” or Cyberskin. In the event that you buy a toy that is made out of regular silicone, the difference in feeling would be huge and you would not feel great. It is very important that you avoid the unwanted situation in which you buy something made out of a low quality material.

It is an interesting idea to opt for the hands-free Fleshlight sex toys. They are mountable and basically offer a close to reality experience as they are mountable while not forcing you to use your hands while you masturbate. The only problem is that these do cost more.

The more information you have about such sex toys, the bigger the possibility that you will make a very good purchase! This is what needs to be remembered at the end of the day. Browse through customer feedback sections on online sex store sites and only buy after you are confident that the toy is exactly what you need. If you are patient and you use all the resources that are available, it is a guarantee that you will make the best possible choice.